"Cristal Real Estate
is the name of excellence."

Want to buy a real estate on Curacao?

The professionals at Cristal Real Estate have been serving the community of Curacao for 20 years now. With years of experience, the agents provide their clients with thorough insight required to invest/buy/sell a property.

The team at Cristal Real Estate is led by Mr. C. Flores who is the owner of the company. It is under his leadership that Cristal Real Estate has made huge gains over the passage of years. The professional agents who work shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Flores are dedicated to excellence.

What makes us the industry leader in buying a house in Curaçao?

Together we work with one goal and that is to transform Curacao into the most modern Caribbean island. Our seriousness and commitment to our profession is observed through congenial and professional environment at our office setting where everyone works as a team with a dedicated focus to help Cristal-lize the Dreams of their clients.