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The team at Cristal Real Estate is led by Mr. C. Flores who is the owner of the company. It is under his leadership that Cristal Real Estate has made huge gains over the passage of years. The professional agents who work shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Flores are dedicated to excellence.   

Why invest in Real Estate in Curaçao

Curaçao is a paradisiacal island located in the Southern Caribbean. The island has beautiful beaches, colonial architecture and diversified commerce. It also boasts kind and warm people and many tourist attractions. But along with all of these wonderful qualities, Curaçao also presents many great investment opportunities.

Our modern and compliant financial services, stable economy operating under Dutch law, multilingual workforce and good relationships with the US, Latin America and the Caribbean are among the island’s financial assets, but there are more factors that make us the ultimate Caribbean destination for lucrative investments.

Prime location and market access
Curaçao is located outside the hurricane belt, which makes it a reliable center for storage and the distribution of merchandise in the region. And the island is also classified as an overseas country and territory (OCT), which means that all its original products have preferential access to the European Union and are exempt from import duties.
We also have great port logistics thanks to the United States program called Economic Recovery of the Caribbean Basin. These tariff benefits are granted to the countries of Central America and the Caribbean, thus products from Curaçao enter the United States tax-free.

Small island, big business
We pride ourselves on being an island in the Caribbean,
yet we strive to be at the same level of business infrastructure as modern cities. We have managed to achieve this in the field of telecommunications connectivity; Curaçao boasts a robust telecommunications connectivity to the outside world.

With access to our own Internet Exchange, CAR-IX, which is modeled after and managed by the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), your company can easily capitalize on the advantages of a high-quality and full-capacity network while also making use of the excellent connectivity to other networks on the peering platform.

The perfect testing ground for Tech Startups
The local population is an excellent target group for testing out new concepts. The smaller scale makes it easy to roll out new technologies and makes it easier to measure effects and quickly adapt products accordingly. And as long as you improve upon your first attempt you can keep testing again and again as Curaçaoans are forgiving people.

Stable government
Curaçao is an autonomous country within the Kingdom of The Netherlands. Hence Curaçao is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but still has full autonomy on most domestic matters, with the exception of those considered to be affairs of the Kingdom (such as defense, foreign affairs and citizenship).

The system of government of Curaçao is a parliamentary democracy based on the Dutch model and free elections are held every four years. Curaçao also participates in the Kingdom’s judicial system, with full access to the EU/Dutch supreme court. This makes for a quality judicial system that allows legal procedures without major complications.

So what are you waiting for?
In addition to all of these attractive features, the island also offers extensive tax benefits to foreign investors. So what are you waiting for? Start looking into how you can start your success story in Curaçao now!


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